Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Office's most anticipated episode is influenced

The Office, a popular 30-minute NBC show that airs on Thursdays, had two of the main characters, finally tie the knot. This one hour special is a prime example of how social media can impact entertainment.

**If you are a fan, and haven't watched the episode, don't read below- spoiler alert! **

In the wedding episode, Jim & Pam leave right before the ceremony to be married by a ship's captain in Niagara Falls. They happily return to the church to have the customary ceremony, but the wedding party has another idea. Their characters are 'surprised' to see the wedding party dancing down the isle like the popular wedding video that circulated this past fall:

The Office's interpretation:

This is a prime example of how social media comes full circle. Without this video, what would of happened in this episode? I think it really shows how people's creativity can have a direct influence over today's entertainment. This of course wouldn't of been possible without the technology of YouTube.

One question: is this copyright infringement?

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