Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus says aidos to Twitter

That's right, she's leaving the micro blogging site. Cyrus has nearly 2 million followers- or did.

In the rapping video released on YouTube on October 9th, Cyrus stated a few reasons for quiting the site. Mostly it seems to be that she 'started living for moments and living for people' and she's sick of it all.

She's trying to give herself some privacy by announcing on YouTube that she's leaving twitter, admitting that she did get a little obsessed with following Britney.

Watch the rap here:

Congrats Miley, I'm happy that you found an noninvasive way to communicate with your fans about leaving twitter.

As Chris Matyszczyk from CNET said 'I know that you, together with the Twitter hierarchy, will cling on to the fact that one of the world's other great rappers, Kevin Federline, appears to still have a Twitter account'.

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