Wednesday, July 25, 2007

YouTube debate for the Democrats I thought was a success, and yes I watched the entire thing in suspense. People from all over the world where able to address anything from broad to specific issues that mean something to the people of this country.
I think that using a media outlet like YouTube was a great things for CNN. In order to diversify the questions as well as answers the media needs to use alternate sources then just the reporters- do not get me wrong they probably now way more than most mainstream Americans- but they can begin to have tunnel vision.
One set of brothers feeding their mother that had Alzheimer's and discussing the Baby Boomer generation was something in my eyes was very original. Yes, Baby Boomers are talked about frequently with Social Security but when it comes to many other aspects that road is a little less traveled.
The questions where also delivered frankly, nothing held back- at least after CNN 'chose' the winning YouTube questions. I think that sometimes the questions delivered are focused on sounding intelligent, and this leaves room for dancing around.
Asking something so straight forward leaves little room for 'Democratic Dancing' if you will.
We do not have too many of 'I do not like that word- I prefer this one...' crap that is often used. If you do not like words or definitions- I am sorry, mainstream America uses them. Get over it Washington hopefuls.

Next YouTube debate is in September for the Republican party. I have to catch that one.