Monday, October 19, 2009

Evolution of the publishing industry

If you are in content distribution, you might be reevaluating how you will be distributing the content moving forward, if you haven't already.

Newspapers are struggling with online distribution, publishers and authors alike.

Seth Godin has still been able to have best selling books through some interesting and purposeful online ventures, with little cost. Godin is a social media professional with practical and successful experience promoting and distributing his content online.

This video, from , gives you the insight to Godin's success in the publishing field.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Social media- what is it & why should I participate?

These two words hold much power. They can make people uneasy, skeptical, excited and even a little queasy. Some ignore them as much as possible. However, social media is here, and is as much part of our culture as the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle.

But what is social media?

Dan Evans is the author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour A Day, and Read This Dot Com both of which focus on social media in business.

Evans defines social media in his book as '...a natural, genuine conversation between people about something of mutual interest, a conversation built on the thoughts and experiences of the participants. It's about sharing and arriving at a collective point, often for the purpose of making a better or more-informed choice.'

So, this online born phenomenon isn't as scary after all? It's about learning what you are looking for and what you need.

For instance, if you are looking to keep track of your friend's blogs, your granddaughter's articles from her graduate work and your co-worker's website updates, facebook might not be as helpful, unless they directly post every item and update they make. So, you have a few options instead of facebooking everything. Why not try Google Reader?

Google Reader, can connect you to people through your Google Account. You can share items you like, make comments and allow others to see what you are reading. Thus, creating your own network. Who says social media has to be all sheep throwing and YouTube videos?

Participating in social media gives you the opportunity to expand your world, or bring it in closer, depending on the groups and context.

So how do you figure out what you need? Well, ask yourself some questions:
1. What is my main issue with business/communication today?
2. What are people saying about my business/product/ or industry?
3. How am I relating to my current customers/family/friends?
4. How am I recruiting vendors, customers and employees?

For questions 3 & 4, really ask yourself: How is that working for me? Is it giving me the desired results?

If you seem to be disconnected and/or not experiencing your desired results, then social media might be able to help in some areas.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus says aidos to Twitter

That's right, she's leaving the micro blogging site. Cyrus has nearly 2 million followers- or did.

In the rapping video released on YouTube on October 9th, Cyrus stated a few reasons for quiting the site. Mostly it seems to be that she 'started living for moments and living for people' and she's sick of it all.

She's trying to give herself some privacy by announcing on YouTube that she's leaving twitter, admitting that she did get a little obsessed with following Britney.

Watch the rap here:

Congrats Miley, I'm happy that you found an noninvasive way to communicate with your fans about leaving twitter.

As Chris Matyszczyk from CNET said 'I know that you, together with the Twitter hierarchy, will cling on to the fact that one of the world's other great rappers, Kevin Federline, appears to still have a Twitter account'.

The Office's most anticipated episode is influenced

The Office, a popular 30-minute NBC show that airs on Thursdays, had two of the main characters, finally tie the knot. This one hour special is a prime example of how social media can impact entertainment.

**If you are a fan, and haven't watched the episode, don't read below- spoiler alert! **

In the wedding episode, Jim & Pam leave right before the ceremony to be married by a ship's captain in Niagara Falls. They happily return to the church to have the customary ceremony, but the wedding party has another idea. Their characters are 'surprised' to see the wedding party dancing down the isle like the popular wedding video that circulated this past fall:

The Office's interpretation:

This is a prime example of how social media comes full circle. Without this video, what would of happened in this episode? I think it really shows how people's creativity can have a direct influence over today's entertainment. This of course wouldn't of been possible without the technology of YouTube.

One question: is this copyright infringement?