Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Computer People'

Last Friday someone told me 'I'm not sure if we have a website, I'm not a computer person.' I know that some people don't use computers, but really? Isn't a website as vital as having a phone number to call? If I need a number, contact, organization or event information I head to the web.

Am I ridiculous for thinking that people that are in customer support positions need to have some computer skills? I currently work in a customer support field and computer skills are not only 'highly recommended' but a requirement.

I went on to speak with my grandmother, she emails, gchats and likes to 'google' movie reviews. When she was trying to get a job through a temp agency, they made it manatory to have basic computer skills. She was actually offended that someone said that they didn't know anything about a website or computers.

When it comes to culture, has this just become an assumption? In the skills section of my resume, I almost feel like posting 'Microsoft OS proficiency' is like saying 'I can read'. Why would I put that?

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