Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bluetooth. MP3 Player- The Insignia
You know, the bud that people have sticking in their single ear and seem like they are talking to themselves. Well great news for music fans! The Insignia 4-Gigabyte mp3 Player is now connecting the ears to the player wirelessly through a bluetooth connection. So, no worries, music and podcast fans you too can walk around wirelessly carefree from being tangled in your jacket or bunching wires in your pocket.
Of course you do have to spend more to get the bluetooth headphones.

This mp3 player is impressive since it is only $160; it offers bluetooth capabilities, and an alleged 20 hours of battery life, and a FM tuner.THese features beat the iPod in price and capabilities. The Insignia can only be bought at Best Buy, however, you can safely assume the only place you can purchase this.

The Insignia is also able to play movies and store up to 14. If 4-gigabytes is not enough space for you, then you can also purchase a memory card. It has a MiniSD slot that can let you insert 2 additional gigabytes of music or videos.

There are problems with the Bluetooth options. There are countries and cities in the United States that are attempting to pass legislation regarding no use of electronic devices while crossing the street. This makes sense since people are walking down the street with the buds in their ears and their phones glue to their head. People are not aware of the world around them, they are aware of ‘Furgylicious’ and Tim McGraw’s latest song. This is something to think about.
The more people are creating ways to be discrete the harder it is to make people make more attention.
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