Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Advertising in the US v. Germany

While in Germany over spring break my friends and I noticed the abundance of advertising wherever there could be a poster, billboard or flyer. Sure in the states we experience a constant feed from the media. BUT, it seemed that on the back of every chair in every metro station there was something that was trying to be sold.

Now I had never been to Europe before and had no idea what to expect when it came to advertising. In their defense, of course the highest amounts of advertisements were in larger cities like Frankfurt and Munich. However, even in the historical cities everywhere you looked there was an advertisement. Most were subtle in places like Trier and Augsburg. In other places, they screamed at me enough to notice.
Compared to the Unites States the advertisements reflected the cultural differences. For instance one can see the difference between media violence in the United States and the high level of comfort the Europeans have with the human body.
This is a cultural difference by far. While society in America is alright with blood, guts and gore, Europe is alright with the human body being in advertisements in ways the Americans would probably view as obscene.

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Keith said...

Who knew that the Europeans had an variety use and knowledge of advertising. You know at this point in time, or semester, I am currently enrolled in an advertising course, BUS 364. Well with the misconceptions of what Americans and everyone else that doesn't live in Germany or in Europe think, I believe that their advertising works for them. And maybe one day when we are on the Euro, we too will have the same kind of advertising.