Monday, April 23, 2007

Online Presidential Debates?

Now, no matter where the presidential candidates are, they have the power to debate one another. Thanks to YAHOO!, Huffington Post and Slate Magazine, who are hosting the debates, a web page will be dedicated strictly to this. The pages will be opened around Labor Day. The moderator will be the PBS host Charlie Rose.
The pages will consists of blogs where voters and post questions and respond to current situations. The voters are able to have a cyber conversation.
In addition to blogs there will be video debates available for viewing. In the past, according to an article in the Yahoo! News, debates have gotten various responses depending on the medium used. During the Kennedy-Nixon debate apparently people that listened to the debate on the radio thought that Nixon won, and those that watched the debate felt that Kennedy won.
The online only debates will bring a new genre of people to the presidential debates.
The blogs and online debates will not be a rebroadcasts, they will be specifically be only online. Cyber politics. Anyone surprised it took this long?

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