Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Instant Gratification

In society today everyone is running around with a high number of activities to finish by the end of the day. Life in today’s world consists of the need of instant gratification. You have college students and parents running around trying to get everything done with the demand for instantaneous responses. In the world of text messaging, instant messages, voicemail on email, photo sharing, social networking sites people have the need to be connected constantly. With all of these things tugging on people’s minds television shows and movies are not at the top of society’s list to see and watch when they are initially released.
This created the world of illegal downloads, getting the things when you want to see them, and not necessarily in real time. After all, most people could reach someone through Myspace, Facebook, cell phone, home phone, text message, email, or instant message. Heaven forbid a hand written letter appear in a mailbox.

Thanks Apple, they have done it again. Forget the time spent syncing up the VCR with the channel and audio level to record the show you miss while waiting in line to pick up the new phone. ITV is Apple’s new addition to their proud collections of user-friendly advancements and iTunes accessories. This product can wirelessly sync up with your iTunes on your PC or Mac and can relay whatever you have stored in your iTunes to your television screen. There are those people that already know how to put your computer screen onto the television. S-video cable has been amazing.
The iTV will go for only $299 according to Apple’s website.
This means if you download a new movie, television show, or songs you can play them on your iTV. Goodbye cable and satellite.
So no worries everyone, you can keep up the continuous connection to everyone in England while watching your show you downloaded in iTunes later that week. We have increased our need for connection and instant gratification. The companies are competing and feeding off of that need. No wonder as a society most do not have any attention span.

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