Monday, May 01, 2006

Country Artist Sara Evans has released a CD in conjunction with Hallmark for a Mother’s Day promotions.
The CD is titled “Always There” and was made for Hallmark Gold Crown stores. Evans’ CD has special live and acoustic versions of Eva’s songs like ‘Suds in the Bucket’ and ‘Born To Fly.’ If you purchase three Mother’s Day cards you may purchase the CD for $7.95.
“No matter where we go in life, or how much we accomplish, I think we all need to know there's someone who's always there—watching out for us, sharing our dreams with us, saying a prayer for us," says Evans. "For me, that person is my mom. No matter how crazy things get, she's such a safe and wonderful place for me to land. And every day I remind myself, 'That's what you want to be for your kids—a safe place to land'." Sara is a mother of three.
Evans music is also featured in a Hallmark commercial.
For more information go to or to see the commercial go to:
This is good public relations for Hallmark and Sara Evans. This is something that will allow mother's everyone to be able to relate to this country recording artist. She will be able to attract more of that type of audience. Also, since the CD is cheaper when people buy three mother's day cards that will increase the possibility that it will be given as a present and in turn will give Evans more exposure to possibly people that have not been exposed to her music before. Hallmark will be benefiting as well because this can bring people into thier store to buy the CD and will associate Sara Evans' music with Hallmark, and visa versa.

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