Monday, April 17, 2006

Charlie Daniels along with Dave Price to host Iraq Troops

Charlie Daniels along with The Charlie Daniels band in will be performing on the ‘Early Show’ tomorrow on CBS as a part of Charlie Daniel’s ‘Start and Stripes’ tour. This is the second journey that Daniels has made to perform for the troops in Iraq. Along with the band CBS talent Dave Prove will be in Iraq.

“Daniels and Price have both been part of individual tours for Stars for Stripes,” says organizer Judy Seale. “I am thrilled that they will both be making their second journey with us to visit and perform for the troops.”

This is a prime example of positive public relations because the band and CBS emcee are going over to the troops in Iraq and entertaining them and reaching out. This will appeal to not only service men and women but also with people that have relative in the armed forces, and possible listeners of the band. Also, CBS emcee will be getting press for their positive role in the performance. This will give positive spins on many different demographics consisting of country music listeners, people who watch CBS ‘Early Show,’ service people and their families and more.
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