Sunday, March 12, 2006

Music Row Not Above Payola Schemes
Music row radio companies have been hit with lawsuits regarding payola schemes that involves Entercom Communications that runs 105 radio stations. Allegedly the radio stations have been involved with illegal 'spins' for money or presents from record companies. In particular Universal South, according to emails, gave one station a $2,500 laptop for their 'spins.'
This is horrendous PR for the country music industry, Entercom Communications and the record labels involved.
The country music industry sometimes is thought to be a little more honest then maybe Pop or Rap. However, this does show that the music business is the music business no matter what genre you are in. This PR, I think, will turn some people off to those stations that are allegedly involved. Entercom Communications will go through some crisis PR because they are going to have to rationalize or show the law what their employees have done. This can hinder future business transactions because people might feel that they can trust the company as much as before since they where brought into scrutiny. Some companies would not want to get involved since they may not want to look bad or get pulled into a legal battle.

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