Monday, February 13, 2006

Ireland Castle to host 'Midlands' Country Festival

Ireland will have a two day country music festival that will consist of 36 acts on three different stages over the course of two days. The event that is called 'Midlands' is going tobe held at a 17th century castle that Co Meath the last week in July 2006. Themusic will be on from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. over the two days wit 18 acts each day.
The music genre is country and is going to be hosting names like Kenney Rogers who ahs not played in Ireland for more than a decade. Rogers will he healining the show opening day and Van Morrison, who is releasing a country album the next month, will be after.
When it comes to food good barbeque will be served to the music comers instead of the bugers and chips.
This is an article from the Ireland Times online edition. It is public relations for obvious reasons. First, it is communicating with the country audince about an upcoming festival that will be held this summer at a 17th century castle. It is also PR for the headliner Kenny Rogers who willb e preforming and since he has not preformed there for more than a decade he will be exposed again to that particular geographical area allowing for the possibility of mroe fanbase. I think that it will be great PR for the tourist industry in Ireland, showing thier culture and love of country music. It will show people that they are more than there stereotype.,,2091-2036337,00.html

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